<span style="font-weight: bold;">About Us</span>
About Us
LLC ZARYA – is a confectionery company that produces more than 100 types of high-quality confectionery, widely known under the brand name "Crimean Sultan".

From 2001 to the present, the confectionery masters of the Zarya factory have been delighting the residents and guests of Crimea with products of excellent
taste and consistent quality. Production facilities of the company are located in the heart of Crimea - the city of Simferopol.

The company makes every effort so that the products have impeccable quality, ranging from the selection of ingredients,
professional approach of qualified pastry chefs - before storage and delivery of ready-made pastries to the consumer.

Under its own «Crimean Quality Mark» the company produces more than 50 types of sugar, lingering, rich and glazed cookies, more than 40 types of Turkish Delight and more than 20 types of Turkish baklava.

TM "Crimean Sultan" - the Crimean mark of quality!

Thanks to the skill and love for their work, daily give our consumers real
masterpieces of pastry!

Become a market leader by creating pastry products using the most modern technologies, using
Only high quality ingredients.

Zarya LLC is a family enterprise, which from the very beginning and to this day sees as its task not only commercial leadership, but also the dissemination of family values, the components of which are the gastronomic traditions of Russia and Turkey.

  • quality
  • professionalism
  • striving for excellence
  • efficiency
  • responsibility
  • partnership